Key Insights from Preqin & Australian Investment Council Yearbook 2024

According to Preqin & Australian Investment Council’s 2024 yearbook Australia's private markets continue to exhibit resilience, thriving amidst evolving global economic landscapes.

Strategic Real Estate Investment With Jason Huljich

In this episode of the Grow Your Wealth podcast, Travis Miller is joined by Jason Huljich, a titan in the real estate industry.

iPartners Bond Income Fund - Outstanding first 3 months with more to come

The iPartners Bond Income Fund has reached 3 months of track record and we have outperformed our target.

iPartners Investment Fund receives 4-Star Rating

iPartners Investment Fund has been honoured with a 4-Star Rating by SQM Research, a testament to our commitment to excellence in alternative investments.

Why a Bond Fund is Better For Investors

iPartners Bond Income Fund was initiated by investor inquiries about bond market accessibility.

Navigating the Intricacies of Private Credit and Wealth Building

Navigating the Intricacies of Private Credit and Wealth Building: A Journey of Innovation and Success

Focus on iPartners Bond Income Fund

iPartners Alternative Investments Funds are open for new investments.

iPartners Launches Bond Income Fund

We are pleased to launch the iPartners Bond Income Fund, a new style of bond-based investing using floating rates and a targeted return of cash +3-4% p.a.

iPartners inFocus: Australia in 2024 with Michael Blythe

In this edition of iPartners inFocus, Michael Blythe looks at what Australia can expect in 2024.

Navigating the Current Investment Landscape

Mark Sherwood of iPartners shared valuable insights into the current investment climate, particularly focusing on credit investments and their potential returns.

Private Equity Does Work in Funds Management

Today, on the Grow Your Wealth Podcast, we are thrilled to introduce our guest, Adrian Whittingham, with a remarkable career in the world of finance.

Alternative Assets will Grow Your Wealth with Natasha Nankivell

In this week's episode of Grow Your Wealth, Travis speaks with Natasha Nankivell, Partner and Co-Founder of Global Alternative Funds.

5 Key Focus Points When Investing In Alternative Investments

Five key takeaways from last week’s iPartners Alternatives Investment Conference.

iPlatforms Partners with NAB to Provide Investors Access to Alternatives

iPlatforms and National Australia Bank (NAB) have partnered to improve access to alternative asset investment opportunities for wholesale investors.

Grow Your Wealth Podcast with Bob Sahota

In this episode, Travis & Bob dive into the intricacies of alternatives and private debt, and the benefits of a long term, diversified strategy. From identifying a gap in the market to the importance of perspective and having a North Star.

Grow Your Wealth Podcast with David Baxby

In this week's episode of Grow Your Wealth, Travis speaks with David Baxby. David co-founded Coogee Capital and spent years working with Richard Branson in investments.

What is Receivables Financing in Asset-Backed Lending

In the world of finance, receivables financing is a concept that often arises in the context of non-bank lending businesses.

Private Credit: Rising Treasury Yields Impact

n the private credit market, shifting treasury yields are favouring credit investors, with yields higher across the board.

Deep Dive Into Alternative Asset Investments

Understand The Thought Process and Due Diligence Behind Alternative Investment.

Private debt PIEs on shelves in NZ as iPartners vies for wholesale investors

iPartners, has hit the NZ market proper with the launch of two portfolio investment entity (PIE) funds offering access to diversified private debt holdings.

Good Returns New Zealand iPartners Launches New Funds In New Zealand

The past week has seen iPartners launch new two new PIE funds in New Zealand market.

iPartners inFocus - Recessions: what do they look like?

Having an idea of what triggers recession and what they look like is useful background for households, businesses and policymakers.

iPartners Funds Management - Private Market Insights - July 2023

As one of the leaders in alternative investments iPartners can take full advantage of the capital-constrained environment for capital raisers.

iPartners Launches Property Credit Fund

Discover the Compelling Investment Opportunity in iPartners' Property Credit Fund for Secured Real Estate Loans in Australia and New Zealand, as Featured on Financial Standard

Mark Sherwood's Latest Interview with Ausbiz covered the latest Property Market Trends

Mark Sherwood’s latest interview with Ausbiz covered property investment, residential equity, land division, and current property market trends.

Alternative Assets - So Many Options for Investors

Gain valuable insights into the alternative asset investment landscape from iPartners Director, Travis Miller, as he discusses his newest book "Grow Your Wealth Faster with Alternative Assets" in a video interview with Ausbiz.

Everything you need to know about Alternative Assets

Discover iPartners CEO Travis Miller's knowledge as he digs into surprising investing in his latest book "Grow Your Wealth Faster with Alternative Assets," which was featured in an article on Stockhead.

The Australian: What You Need To Know About Alternative Assets

Discover iPartners CEO Travis Miller's thoughts as he launches his new book "Grow Your Wealth Faster with Alternative Assets" and discusses it with the Australian Business Review.

Six Steps For Finding The Best Trades

CEOWorld Magazine looks at how historically, alternative assets have been difficult to find.

BOOK REVIEW: Grow Your Wealth Faster With Alternative Assets

Many investors are looking to diversify their portfolios, yet advice often skews toward traditional assets - and this is a mistake if you're seeking big returns.

Alternative Assets: Investing In Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a hard asset class to access for investors because the asset size and valuations are large.

CEOWorld Magazine: Equity As An Alternative Investment Asset

When making alternative investments in equity understand the stage of the company you’re investing in and the type of equity capital you will hold.

4 Things You Need To Know About Investing in Private Credit

Private credit is a growing market where senior secured debt, asset-backed lending, structured and project finance, mezzanine debt and other forms of unsecured debt happen and exist across a wide range of underlying asset classes.

Demystifying Alternative Investments

Travis Miller reveals how a few small changes to your investment strategy can lead to higher returns – without any increased risk.

A Guide to Property Investment Strategies: Equity, Debt, Options

Let’s take a closer look at the types of property investment strategies that will even the playing field.

iPartners CEO Releases Book To Bridge Knowledge Gap

Funds manager and iPartners CEO Travis Miller is set to release a new book exploring the untapped potential of alternative assets.

Rupert Guinness Conquers the Race Across America, Securing Victory in the 60-69 Men's Category

Australian cycling journalist and ultra-endurance rider Rupert Guinness won the 60-69 men's category in the 2023 Race Across America, a year after having to pull out of the race early.

Grow Your Wealth Faster with Alternative Assets featured on Fixed Income News

In this post, we explore alternative assets, with a particular focus on four things you need to know about investing in private credit.

The Australian Newspaper - Alternative Assets

A sound investment strategy will minimise your risk and maximise your success – and those principles work just as well when it comes to alternative investments.

iPartners inFocus - Budget ‘23 – now you see it….

Australia's budget has returned to surplus briefly, with smaller-than-expected deficits and sustainable public debt. Despite a weak economy, the government's fiscal settings appear stimulatory, but there are concerns about upside inflation risks.

Evergreen Ratings re-rates the iPartners Core Income Fund and commends its innovative offering.

Evergreen Ratings has re-rated the iPartners Core Income Fund as "Commended" in its most recent review.

Mark Sherwood Discusses the Benefits of Alternative Assets with Ensombl

Mark Sherwood, discusses the rising relevance of alternative assets in today's financial environment and gives thoughts on how to successfully educate customers about this asset class in a special interview with Ensombl.

Beyond Stocks and Bonds: Why Investors Are Investing In Alternative Assets

Alternative investments are a smart choice for investors in 2023, providing diversification, promising returns, access to unique opportunities, and a hedge against inflation.

Mark Sherwood sits down with Ausbiz to explore the world of private credit

In this informative interview, Mark Sherwood sits down with Ausbiz to explore the world of private credit, from its definition to the various alternative options available.

Ways to ensure safe investments in alternative assets

To ensure safe investments in alternative assets, it's important to research and understands the asset's risks, performance, liquidity, costs, and suitability.

Raising Capital for Property Development

Property development is an expensive business, and raising capital to fund projects is crucial for developers. Raising capital is thus an important component of the development process, and developers frequently seek financing partners that can assist them in securing financing.

Mark Sherwood discusses Private Credit and Open Deals with Ausbiz

Private credit remains asset-backed lending, with reasonable risk returns for investors. iPartners is now soliciting additional funds for a repeat private credit non-bank lender focused on small company loans.

iPartners inFocus - Interest rates: are we there yet?

Michael Blythe's latest iPartners inFocus looks at rising interest rates and considers if we are we there yet.

iPartners Funds Management - Private Market Insights - Jan 2023

We have published a Credit Market Insights article that provides a more detailed review of the market and how we are positioning our portfolios.

Welcome to iPartners Funds Management

Welcome to iPartners Funds Management. We offer an alternative asset investment platform for wholesale investors looking to engage in institutional-grade assets across multiple asset classes.

Mark Sherwood Ausbiz Interview iPartners Conservative Fund

Mark Sherwood talks to Ausbiz on the newly launched iPartners Conservative Fund and Mandala investment opportunity

What is BBSW in Finance?

Clarifying some of the terminologies in floating rate deals.

Top 5 Trends in Alternative Investment 2023

Alternatives are becoming more frequently acknowledged as an integral component of an investor portfolio.

Alternative Investment Opportunities In 2023

Mark Sherwood speaks with Ausbiz on alternative investment opportunities in 2023.

iPartners inFocus - Australia In 2023: Risks & Issues

Michael Blythe's latest iPartners inFocus examines the Australian and worldwide economies that failed to meet expectations in 2022 (again).

iPartners iNSIGHTS - Alternative Assets on the Rise: Investing Beyond Cash, Bonds and Stocks

What factors drove investors to gravitate to alternatives over the last decade and a half, and what does the future hold for this asset class?

Why Investors Buy Senior Tranches In Private Securitisations And Junior Tranches In Public Securitisations

It's a matter of supply and demand.

Insights from iPartners - Alternative Investment Conference

The turnout of people at the first iPartners Alternatives Investor Conference in October reflected the growing trend of investors adding alternatives to their portfolios.

iPartners inFocus - Budget ‘22 – Once more to the breech!

Michael Blythe's latest iPartners inFocus looks at the budget which delivered what was promised – something "solid, sensible, and suited to the times".

Alternative Asset Investment Conference Interview with Ausbiz

Due to volatility in listed markets, investors are diversifying into alternatives. The iPartners Alternatives Investment Conference was solely dedicated to teaching investors about alternative markets.

Talking Alternatives - What is Subordination?

Subordination is a broad term that basically describes loss protection.

A record-breaking year of growth for iPartners

Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 recognises and profiles Australian technology companies that have achieved the fastest rates of annual revenue growth over the past three years.

Thom Bentley joins iPartners as Director - Head of Capital Markets New Zealand

Thom Bentley has join iPartners and will lead expansion into New Zealand.

iPartners InFocus High Frequency Economics

Michael Blythe looks at High Frequency Economics. The message from these indicators is that the economy is slowing and downside risks are lifting.

Evergreen Rates iPartners Investment Fund 4 Stars

iPartners Investment Fund has once again been awarded a Commended rating by Evergreen Ratings.

iPartners Funds Management – Credit Market Insights

How we see our investment sectors now and how we are positioning our portfolios.

AFR: Start-up Lets Property Investors Access Rental Income Early

Futurerent CEO Godfrey Dinh was recently interviewed by the AFR.

Bonds Are Back with iPartners

The extent of the yield curve movement in Australia over the last couple of months can be described as nothing short of extraordinary.

Industry Moves: iPartners Beefs Up Platform Team

iPartners online investment platform has appointed James Land as chief executive of iPlatforms, hiring from Avaloq Australia.

iPartners Supports Rupert Guinness Race Across America

iPartners is thrilled to support Rupert Guinness as he takes on the Race Across America (RAAM).

Media Release: iPartners Expands Operations With Key Appointments to iPlatforms Business

Now Australia’s largest online investment platform, iPartners is expanding its iPlatforms business announcing three key senior appointments.

iPartners inFocus - The Return of Inflation

Central banks are responding to the global inflation spike. More rate rises are coming.

Digitally Transforming The Investor Experience

With a truly 'investor-first' mindset focused on providing an efficient and transparent way to invest, iPartners has raised close to $2bn through the platform.

What's Happening In Alternatives?

Mark Sherwood details what's been happening in the alternatives asset class for the first quarter of 2022.

iPartners Hires James Land, Jamie Griffiths & Chetan Sharma

iPartners welcomes James Land, Jamie Griffiths and Chetan Sharma to support continued growth in its platforms business.

iPartners inFocus - Budget '22

The budget reveals a dramatic improvement in government finances and the old fiscal equation that “more revenue = more spending” has been applied.

Ausbiz Interview iPartners Core Income Fund & Property Investment Opportunity

Importance of diversification through alternatives and open deals including Sunbury.

iPartners inFocus - The RBA: ready, steady, go?

Michael Blythe looks at inflation rates, how they are responding to shifts in spending patterns and what higher inflation means for interest rates.

Travis Miller speaks with Fear and Greed's Sean Aylmer on Alternative Assets

Travis runs through everything you need to know about alternative assets.

Evergreen ‘commends’ iPartners Core Income Fund

Specialist alternative investment research firm Evergreen Ratings has assigned a “Commended” rating to the iPartners Core Income Fund.

Case study: Ondeck Australia Management Buy Out

iPartners secured the mandate based on its reputation and track record for fast and reliable execution in complex situations.

iPartners inFocus - Australia in 2022: risks & issues

Most forecasters expect reasonable economic outcomes in 2022 – but with downside risks. The pandemic means the path ahead is uncertain, creating challenges for policy makers. Interest rates should remain low – although off their emergency lows as inflation concerns lift.

Top 5 Investment Trends in Alternatives 2022

Investor interest in alternatives rapidly expanded in the second half of 2021. As we commence 2022, we outline five trends relevant to investors in alternatives for the new year.

Outlook in Alternatives 2022

There is a compelling case for an increased inclusion of alternatives in investment portfolios, as alternatives gain traction with investors who understand the need for diversification.

iPartners inFocus - The Economy, Markets and Alternatives

The alternatives asset class tends to march to a different beat. Industry/company specifics matter as much as the broad economic backdrop.

Australian Financial Review: iPartners secured senior debt position

The Australian Financial Review today reporting on Tradeplus24's new $100m debt facility of which iPartners has secured the senior debt position.

iPartners 2021 Guide to Alternatives Assets

Round up of the year in alternatives.

iPartners named Finalist in 6th Annual FinTech Awards 2021

iPartners has been named as a finalist in the 6th Annual FinTech Awards 2021 for Best Alternative Investment Platform. Congratulations to all the finalists.

iPartners inFocus - Climate Change

Climate change has steadily moved up the ranks of what worries households and business. The debate is contentious. So we should beware the prophets of doom. And the climate sceptics. Greenhouse gases rise with income. But there is a tipping point where they begin to fall.

iPartners makes AFR Fast Starters List 2021

iPartners investment platform has taken off like a skyrocket since its foundation five years ago, attracting more than 10,000 investors and more than $1.1 billion of investments across more than 180 funds.

Secondary Market Liquidity Is Growing in Alternatives

Secondary market liquidity is increasingly important for direct investors. At iPartners our investors can sell back their holdings.

iPartners Talking Alternatives: Deep Dive Into iPartners Funds Management

Overview of iPartners Funds Management and the performance of the iPartners Investment Fund, iPartners Core Income Fund and iPartners Growth Fund.

Mark Sherwood talks "Alternatives" with Ausbiz

There is a lot going on in the 'alternatives sector' according to Mark Sherwood from iPartners, who says the demand is coming from businesses needing to fuel further growth.

AFI Alternatives Podcast With Travis Miller

Travis recently spoke about iPartners and the alternatives asset class with Emilie and Cluny from The Alpha Females Invest Podcast. AFI is aimed at investors looking to elevate their financial knowledge.

What's In Store For Credit Investors?

The financial markets have shown a willingness to question central bank messaging locally over the last few weeks around expectations of how long interest rates can remain at these record low levels.

iPartners - Leveraged Equity Loans

Investors are seeking more targeted exposures in single stock or across specific sectors that are well positioned to provide robust and consistent earnings, particularly as yield curves start to steepen and the economic re-openings provide a staggered recovery.

Banks - A Look Behind The Curtain

Banks have always been something of a polarising topic of debate in Australia. We either love’em or hate’em. But all would agree that banks are an essential component of a modern economy.

Australian Financial Review: Historic Regional NSW Pub Sells For $32m

A recently article in the Australian Financial Review reported on Harvest Hotels purchase of the Woy Woy Hotel and iPartners equity raise for Harvest Pub Fund 2.

Bob Mansfield appointed chair of iPartners

Online alternative investments platform iPartners has drafted former Telstra chair Bob Mansfield to chair its board ahead of a pre-IPO raise next year.

iPartners inFocus - Inflation Do We Need To Worry?

Inflation concerns are a fundamental driver of volatility in financial markets.

iPartners Tasmanian Farming Fund featured on Ausbiz

Today Mark Sherwood spoke with Nadine Blayney about the recently launched iPartners Tasmanian Farming Fund and co-investor Compass Agribusiness Management Ltd.

What Is A Secured Loan Portfolio?

A secured loan portfolio is a primary source of funding for companies looking to finance their growth or used for their daily business operations.

Koala Farmland Fund In The News

There’s a new way to help save Australia’s iconic endangered koalas thanks to a special investment fund.

WorkPac’s $20m convertible note reveals IPO prospects

A recent AFR article mentions iPartners recent involvement in WorkPac’s $20 million raise via a convertible note, as it weighs up an IPO in the next few years saying “......Seventytwo Capital was tapped to manage the raising alongside investment platform iPartners.”

Generating Superior Risk Adjusted Returns In iPartners Managed Funds

iPartners is dedicated to providing our wholesale investor clients with access to alternative investments. As part of this mission, we offer a range of managed Funds.

OurMoneyMarket raising Series C on $117m valuation

OMM Fintech in the Australian Financial Review.

Mark Sherwood discusses iPartners Koala Farmland Fund with Ausbiz

Watch Mark's interview here.

Women are looking for new ways to invest.

The inclusion of alternative assets in SMSF's or an investment portfolio can help offset market volatility

Australian Financial Review: Koala fund chews into demand for developer offsets

Australian Financial Review article on the recently launched Koala Farmland Fund.

Alternative Assets in SMSF's

For Australian investors, alternative assets have historically been accessible by large institutional investors and family offices. This is now changing.

How to design your alternative asset investment strategy

If the largest institutional investor allocations from some of our country’s biggest investors are used as a guide this would place the alternative asset investment category weightings in the 15 to 20% category of portfolios.

Australian Financial Review - Futurerent and iPartners

Futurerent and iPartners article in the Australian Financial Review. It’s pay day for early rental income fintech Futurerent, which has signed the dotted line on a $20 million debt facility with iPartners.

Significant opportunities remain for investors in the Australian private debt sector

iPartners Investment Fund recently featured in an article in Adviser Voice.

Investor Strategy: High Praise for iPartners in Debt

In its latest ratings for the burgeoning private debt asset class, where non-institutional products are starting to take hold for smaller investors, Evergreen Ratings has given the iPartners Investment Fund (IIF) a ‘commended’ rating.

iPartners nabs $27m valuation

Travis Miller, CEO was quoted as saying "group wanted to have around $2 billion in assets delivered through its platform to more than 7500 investors in the coming year, before targeting an initial public offering".

iPartners Rebound Series Delivers Investors 422% Return

iPartners Rebound Series was created so investors could possibly take advantage of the COVID-19 market downturn that occurred in March 2020.

iPartners Growth Fund

iPartners Funds Management launches new iPartners Growth Fund - one of the most diversified portfolios of equity like exposure across non- bank lenders, pre-IPO Companies, private equity, private asset aggregation funds, and other equity like assets.

iPartners Investment Selection Process

When looking for investment opportunities we work through a thorough investment selection and due diligence process where we focus on understanding underlying market dynamics of a transaction and the risk associated with it.

Why is Private Credit Good Value?

As an investor asking “why?” is an important first step and this is our perspective on why we believe private credit is good value.

Unlocking Potential in "Value-Added" Hospitality Investments

There is significant demand for real estate investments globally. As investors, our aim is to recognise assets that may be neglected, undervalued or simply overlooked.

Understanding Risks in Private Credit Investing

It’s natural for investors to focus on the return side of private credit. It’s the exciting part. However, to make an educated investment, understanding what risks are involved is important in helping to determine whether the return is commensurate or greater compensation for the risk.

Digital Funding Platform Expands Operations With Key Appointments

iPartners, whose platform has raised more than $500 million across a wide range of alternative asset classes, including private credit, asset backed debt and property, is continuing to thrive appointing three senior hires the same week it launched its first international deal.

What is a Funding Warehouse?

The best way to think of a funding warehouse is like a large, private, secured line of credit to a company or trust that they utilise to provide lots of smaller loans or receivables to customers.

Fixed Income Investing

5 Step Private Investment Filter

Gold! Gold! Gold!

What's next for the precious metal?

Why we like OurMoneyMarket

Asset Backed Securities (ABS)

The Bulls vs The Bears

iPartners Rebound Series & iPartners Pullback Series

iPartners Pullback Series 1 Comparison

iPartners Pullback Series 1 Comparison with ASX Listed Short ETF's

The Upside of Edstart

Asset Backed Securities (ABS)

It's time to start dipping your toe in the water and investing

Travis Miller breaks down his thoughts on why he believes it's time to start looking for opportunities in a fractured market

Ongoing market volatility re-affirms it’s time for Australian investors to diversify wealth accumulation

Alternative asset allocation

Wholesale fund to focus on alternative investment debt

Alternative investment firm iPartners has launched a new fund to provide wholesale investors with exposure to alternative debt investment opportunities offered to its investor network. The iPartners Investment fund is seeking to raise an initial$10 million.

New credit facility for education loans

NAB Ventures and Larsen Ventures investee Edstart has been advanced a fifth credit facility by alternative asset credit firm iPartners.

iPartners launches first investment fund due to investor demand

Are Your Alternative Investments Working as Intended?

Why Argentina?

The importance of partnering with the right service provider for your capital raising and fund administration

What Is Co-Investing?

Keeping It Simple

The Importance of Risk Disclosure

Asset Backed Investing

iPlatforms - Coming Soon

iPartners is going to the SMSF adviser conference!

It's not all doom and gloom for markets

The iPartners team keeps on growing

When Critical Events Occur

Structural Protection

Caringbah Build-to-Rent

Something new, something old, something borrowed

Private Debt

Growing iPartners Team

Technology and Liquidity

Portfolio Loss Protection

Another First for iPartners!

Leverage as a risk management tool

How to increase the yield on an equity portfolio

How are iPartners Investors making money on Telstra?

Experienced Deutsche banker joins iPartners

It’s EOFY Time!

iPartners launches Secondary Trading Platform

Anyone for Advice?

What Is The Fair Price?

The Structured Credit Interview

Does anyone remember Subordination?