As one of Australia’s leading alternative asset investment platforms, iPartners provides wholesale investors with direct access to institutional grade alternative investments by co investing alongside reputable partners, across a range of asset classes.

Established in mid-2017 by experienced investment professionals Travis Miller (ex UBS, Deutsche Bank, ANZ) and Rob Nankivell (ex JPMorgan, Macquarie, CBA), iPartners has raised over $250 million in investor funds via our in-house technology platform. Leveraging our significant capital raising experience, our purpose-built platform aligns all parties, offers complete transparency, and helps to facilitate portfolio diversification on an attractive risk/return basis.

As part of this investment philosophy, we aim to provide unique investment opportunities in asset classes that have historically been inaccessible to regular wholesale investors. iPartners believes that every wholesale investor should have the opportunity to invest in these assets. Investment amounts can be customised to reduce investment risk and facilitate portfolio diversification (minimum investment amount of A$10,000 per transaction).

To ensure proper alignment iPartners investors co-invest via a unit trust alongside others with significant ‘skin-in-the-game’. Our unit trust registry system means that all investments are made as one investor through the iPartners Sub Trust for ease of execution.

Why use iPartners?
Invest in institutional grade alternative investments across a range of asset classes
Tailor your investments to suit your risk profile
Easy to use, fully integrated online client portal, including investment reporting module
A proven track record of investment and manager selection
Alternative asset returns, uncorrelated to equity market performance
A strong infrastructure, risk management and compliance framework designed to deliver effectively on investor requirements
How we invest
We find experienced investment partners and co-invest with them
Private Assets
We source investments with attractive risk / reward characteristics
Select from a range of asset classes to create an alternatives portfolio
Investment Amount
Tailor your investment amounts to reduce investment risk and facilitate portfolio diversification
Access daily secondary market liquidity
Recent transactions

Recent transactions

  • Harvest Pub Access Fund – regional pubs, 18% p.a. IRR
  • iON Loan – acquisition finance, 13% p.a., amortising a 2.5-year loan
  • OMM – multi-tranche securitisation, 7% or 12% p.a. offered
  • iPlatforms – USD Private Equity Fund
  • iPlatforms – USD Infrastructure Fund
  • iPlatforms – GBP single infrastructure asset
  • NW Sydney land banking opportunity
  • Senior secured property loan transactions
Recent maturities

Recent maturities

  • Teneriffe senior secured loan – 10% p.a.
  • STARS1 – ASX equity basket trade – 11.25% p.a.
  • Arncliffe – secured bridge loan – 9.05% p.a.
  • Rouse Hill – secured construction loan – 10% p.a.
Current asset portfolio

Current asset portfolio

Case Studies

Case Studies

High Net Wealth Individual - Melbourne

The Founder and CEO of +$500m ASX-listed company was recently bought out by a US-listed business and has since established a private investment vehicle to manage their net wealth. Post-sale, the investor sought high yield opportunities to complement his portfolio of numerous properties, agricultural assets, and private equity. He has invested in high yield, secured, short term maturity private credit assets through the iPartners platform.

Expatriate Banker - Singapore

An expatriate banker in her mid-30’s located in Singapore currently earns foreign currency with much lower tax rates and repatriates income back to Australia in preparation for her eventual return. She utilises iPartners to secure increased return investments in parcels of $50,000 - $100,000 per transaction. Her ‘sweet spot’ is alternative debt and equity investments with a targeted average IRR of 15%p.a. return over three years.

CFO - Sydney

A former CFO of a top 50 ASX-listed company uses iPartners to extend his portfolio with ’high return‘ +25%p.a. ROE on alternative property transactions. In particular, he is interested in alternative real asset property opportunities to supplement returns on existing investments and SMSF portfolio.

Bond Trader - Sydney

A former institutional bond trader in his late-40’s left the corporate world to trade local and international fixed income markets on a proprietary basis part-time, while now a stay-at-home father. He manages the family SMSF using ETFs/ property and is attracted to yield enhancement via iPartners alternatives offering.

Fund Manager - Brisbane

Former Wall Street securitisation trader who returned to Australia to manage his credit fund, with targeted fund returns 8% p.a. He views iPartners as the ‘alternatives product provider of choice’ to ‘turbocharge’ a select part of his portfolio to increase the lower-yielding majority of the portfolio.