What Is Co-Investing?

Posted on
6th November 2019
By Lincoln Stollery

What Is Co-Investing?

And why do we do it? (By Lincoln Stollery, 6th November 2019)

Recently we have been on a national conference with SMSF Adviser, listening to presenters talk all things SMSF related. 

Some of the main questions people ask is "what is your model?" and "how does co-investing work?"

Well, when Rob and Travis started the business in 2017, they had 3 fundamental principles. 

  • Access - Access to institutional grade alternative assets
  • Alignment -  This is why we co-invest! Alignment relates to aligning investors and managers, so that we all can share in the upside. More on this shortly. 
  • Alternatives - We are focused purely on investing into interesting alternative investments, including property equity and debt, business credit, structure products, with a view to be across a range of asset classes.


The idea of co-investing is a simple one, however there are two sides to our philosophy on alignment:


A key component of the iPartners process is evaluating which transactions reach our platform - an efficient way to do this, in conjunction with understanding the investment fundamentals, is to align ourselves with those leading the investment opportunity in terms of dollars at risk. It is these parties with whom we partner and then enable our investors to co-invest alongside them on the same terms.

For example, if they need extra equity to get the development over the line, iPartners will come in as the minority investor, and share in the upside of the development. 


This is where WE INVEST WITH YOU. All of the iPartners staff are investors in our own product, so you can assure that we are aligned with you in our deals. By investing in our own deals, this ensures that all deals we put on the platform pass the acid test, so we're not putting anything live that we wouldn't invest in ourselves. 

If you would like to get in touch and know more about how invest, or if you have a product that you need funding for, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us at