The importance of partnering with the right service provider for your capital raising and fund administration

Posted on
15th November 2019
By James Wilkinson

The importance of partnering with the right service provider for your capital raising and fund administration

And why iPlatforms can help (By James Wilkinson, 15th November 2019)

Fund administration may not be up there with some of the more sexier of fund management roles.  I often find myself conversing over a well-deserved weekend tipple when that inevitable question always comes up, “so what do you do for work?” After trying several different approaches to the answer over the years with no clear success at a simple one liner that kills off the follow up question of “so what EXACTLY does that mean?” 

So, in my head I start to form a detailed explanation, I tell them to take a knee as I pull out the whiteboard and run through what a service provider actually does.

Segregated omnibus accounts, multiple bank reconciliations, performing and maintaining AML KYC, reconciling thousands of transaction, reporting, calculating NAVs, maintaining a register, paying distributions for hundreds of funds, thousands of clients and all delivered within an agreed SLA whilst delivering an exceptional Investor experience by ensuring investors have exactly what they need at any given moment.

...and as I open my mouth to deliver this passionate spiel, I find experience has taught me just to say...” I’m in finance”. Then we can all move on with our lives and the evening can continue.

Whilst fund administration may not be the talk of all dinner parties it is an essential cog in the wheel of any successful capital raise. Partnering with a service provider who understands and compliments your offering is equally as essential.

Here at iPartners we get it.  

We have built iPlatforms. 

As investors ourselves, iPlatforms is built with the investor experience at the forefront of our design. 

Simple investor registration and onboarding, online paperless applications, secondary trading, intuitive investor dashboards, viewing of current or historic holding, split reports by all of your entities. Access to all your investments at a click of a button whenever you want it. 

As a capital raiser or fund manager, build your book, correspond with your pipeline, send investor updates and reports, store all deal documentation in your data room, manage and maintain your register through the lifecycle of each deal.

iPlatforms is a technology platform for capital raisers and fund administrators with a core focus on investors, the iPlatforms tech suit enables capital raisers to focus on what they do best. 

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