The Bulls vs The Bears

Posted on
4th May 2020
By Travis Miller

The Bulls vs The Bears

Sentiment Survey (By Travis Miller, 4th May 2020)

As a result of our recent investment launches we were able to effectively run a real time survey between the bulls and the bears via the iPartners Rebound (Bullish) Series and the iPartners Pullback (Bearish) Series.

With a sample size of around 4,000 potential investors, it required real conviction with a genuine investment, so it removed the fence sitters and market commentators. 

The results were quite interesting with a higher number of investors in the Rebound Series, whilst the Pullback generated a lot higher interest via online views on the platform.

The Pullback Series had higher conviction with a larger average investment size and total raise.


For what its worth, I am personally in the bullish camp as I am looking through the current period with more an investment view, rather than a trading view, as I see markets up 12-18 months forward.

Please get in contact if you are looking for ideas on how to invest and manage risk in the current environment.

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