It’s EOFY Time!

Posted on
19th July 2018
By Norman King

It’s EOFY Time!

Financial Year holding statement now available on investor’s dashboards (By Norman King, 19th July 2018)

Not that long ago as soon as July 1 came investors would eagerly wait for the postman to deliver Financial Year statements from various sources pertinent to their investments. Over the course of a few weeks (and in some cases, a few months) one by one each statement would arrive in the mail, opened and read briefly, and then piled together destined for some accountant’s office. Of course there would always be one or two that got ‘lost in the mail’, which lead to a series of phone calls, frustration and further delays. 

Then came email which greatly improved this century-old process on many levels (efficiency, environmental, cost-effectiveness, speed, etc). Still, one had to be patient waiting for all the emails to come in and occasionally chase up missing ones.

Nowadays the process is so much more seamless. At iPartners, as soon as the clock hit midnight on June 30, 2017 investors could see their Financial Year summary report on their dashboard which is dynamically generated by the platform. One-click…bingo!

This is fairly industry standard – some organisations go further and even notify their customers via push notifications. Is that overkill? Perhaps... it really is a matter of opinion and target audience demographics. But in this me-me-me, shortened attention span world that we now live in customers simply won’t put up with being forced to wait weeks, or months for a simple PDF report which is typically nothing more than running a few queries against some data source(s).

In many ways, this evolutionary process of how investors access their EOFY statements encapsulates perfectly the information-age world we now live in, and some of the benefits it provides. 

And even in traditional offline industries – such as investing for sophisticated investors, there is demand from investors to become 100% online, leveraging the fast-internet economy and information age available to us, in order to achieve: fast, secure, reliable and efficient access to investment opportunities. 

The iPartners Online Investment Platform seeks to satisfy this demand...and some.